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Income Tax Return Filing in Brampton

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Tax Filing Made Simple - Trustworthy Services for Individuals and Businesses

At Sharad Saxena Professional Corp., We know that the idea of dealing with tax liabilities alone can be overwhelming. Therefore, we stand out with our time-saving, professional services and individual approach for your income tax-return filing needs. Our commitment to transparency and integrity implies that we are able to take care of your taxes with the highest level of responsibility and due diligence. Whether you are a freelancer, small business or large corporation, our tailored approach assures that you get the individual attention and the help that you require. Take the burden of the tax season with the assistance of Sharad Saxena Professional Corp. Tax filing can be easy, enjoyable, and stress-free with us.  

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Personal Taxes: Services
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Types of Service

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The deadline for income tax return filing is April 30th. To avoid a "deadline rush", it is always advisable to file the taxes as early as possible. If you miss the deadline, fines and penalties will soon knock on your doors. However, with the support of an efficient income tax return filing service in Brampton, you can save yourself from a daunting hassle and unnecessary expenses.

Personalized Tax Service

Audit Assistance

Online Tracking

Tax Refund Calculation

Tax Refund Amendments

Comprehensive Tax Review

Documents Required

Social Insurance Number

Income Tax Slips T4 T4A

Interest Tax Slips Like T3 & T5

Tuition Receipts T2202A

Donation Receipts, If any

Medical Receipts, If any

Rent Receipts

Any Correspondence From CRA

Any other slips, receipts, or amounts you indicate on your taxes.

Personal Taxes: Services
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