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Sharad Saxena Professional Corp. can help you incorporate your business. Incorporating a business lays the foundation for growth and establishment. It helps customers build trust and in the brand. There are also advantages of incorporation. Some theses are tax deferrals and timing.

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Tax deferrals allow an individual incorporated as small business for deduction under the ITA. This means that in an incorporated practice the first $500 000 all eligible for a small business tax rate of 13-18% (depending on the province), which is significantly lower than your personal tax income. A person who would otherwise pay tax at the top marginal personal tax rate may be able to defer the payment of tax by leaving money within the professional corporation to be used for investment or corporate debt repayment.

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Incorporation: Services
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Fiscal ends for all partnership and sole proprietorship are required to use their calendar years as their fiscal end. Professional corporation are not bounded to this and can off-calendar year-end which can provide an opportunity for certain tax deferrals at a personal level.

Incorporation: Services
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